As part of our full service model, we provide a comprehensive suite of property management services.

Why Use Property Management:

In the Cambridge-Boston area, most buyers tend to move out of their condos or houses within 5-7 years. Many times there’s an investment opportunity where the market is projecting such gains that it makes sense to hold, or for the owner’s portfolio it helps to diversify by holding property. That’s where we come in. We can help you manage your property and handle the tangle of legal issues related to tenants as well as the myriad of minor and major repairs that need to occur during the lifetime of a property. From finding tenants to screening them and making sure all leases, property condition statements, and security deposits are handled in compliance with state law and local ordinances, we make the process easy for you. Most importantly, tenants will call us whenever there is a complaint or an issue, and not you. And we’ll have the right contractor ready to handle any repairs.

Our Property Management Services:

We have a staff of full-time experienced professionals managing your properties. We use professional-grade software to handle all rent transactions, log maintenance items, and we have a professional bookkeeper overseeing all the numbers. Most importantly, we are responsive to you and will handle any and all questions and issues in a timely manner.


Our pricing is competitive with all the property management companies in the area. We do screen all properties as some situations require a different level of service than the norm. We charge a general flat fee, around 3-5% of the rent per month, and we do not upcharge on general maintenance–we only pass through the charges from the various contractors we use.

Getting Started:

If you are a landlord and wish to discuss our services, please contact our property manager at